SculptrVR Drops for Sony PlayStation VR

Virtual reality intrigues me. I enjoy watching as more first-time users begin to interact with VR, in a growing number of ways. Creativity platform SculptrVR is now available for the Sony PlayStation VR, launching today – so PSVR owners will have the ability to create their own virtual

Of course, players interact with the software differently depending on the platform currently being used. As noted by Nathan Rowe, founder of SculptrVR, in an interview with UploadVR:

Yes definitely! On Oculus Rift, dropped frames are not such a big deal thanks to Asynchronous Space Warm, so users tend to bump up the graphics settings and show more material. On 3DoF platforms, creation is not as easy, so users spend a lot of time shooting rockets and browsing the online gallery.

Here is the launch trailer for SculptrVR PSVR edition:

SculptrVR is currently available on the following platforms: PSVR, Steam, Oculus, Google Daydream, Oculus GO, and GearVR.

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