NPD: Viewers Now Bundle Even More Streaming Services

Do you like to watch a lot of TV shows and movies?

If you answered yes, then you have no shortage of solutions to choose from as we wind down in 2020. In fact, more viewers abandoned traditional channels to free and subscription streaming services. US consumers now utilize seven different services (subscription video-on-demand) services and free streaming services, according to research from The NPD Group. That figure is up from five in April 2020.

Like never before, consumers have great control to customize what content they want, and how they decide to watch it. Traditional cable providers are finally easing control, understanding viewers want additional choices, which in turn allows for great flexibility to choose both paid and free services.

As noted by John Buffone, Executive Director of the NPD Connected Intelligence, in a press statement:

“Amidst COVID-related content production challenges, viewers are increasing the number of streaming services they use, as they seek to find content that captures their interest. Competition will become an even greater challenge for services. Both now, as viewers try more options and later as production ramps up and each service gets new programming.”

As for new streaming entrants in 2020, I’d like to personally shout out HBO Max and Peacock. NBCUniversal knocked it out of the park by releasing Peacock with more than 10,000 hours of shows and movies, available in three different pricing tiers: free, $5 per month, and $10 per month.

HBO Max includes all of HBO’s original programming – arguably my favorite original content to watch. Even better, services such as Sling TV give subscribers the choice to select different subscription services a la carte, creating a single platform that uses

Cord cutting will only seemingly accelerate further, while current streaming providers work to solidify their position in the market. In the past, I’ve only had positive experiences using Sling TV, and look forward to giving it another go in 2021.

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