New Doom Game Looks Absolutely Incredible

Bethesda was more than happy to show off the new Doom video game at E3, and it looked absolutely fantastic. It’s definitely one of the most anticipated PC games in recent memory, and every new image or video from the game draws major attention.

For gameplay footage and additional information about Doom, check out the full story.

Bethesda already admitted that it won’t be an easy game to play through, and don’t expect any Call of Duty-style gaming.

Doom will be available in Q1 or Q2 2016, and will be available for the PC, Microsoft Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 4.

Speaking of E3, I am glad to see the gaming show is back to booming – I went more than 10 years ago,  during the “glory days” of the show. However, both the 2014 and 2015 expos were popular, and we should only expect bigger things from E3 2016.

Doom will be shown off during QuakeCon 2015 later this month. It may have taken longer than we would have liked, but it seems like it’ll be worth the wait.

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