ROCCAT Steps Up As Sponsor For ESWC eSports League

For eSports and gaming fans, the ESWC Montreal gaming event – which is being held from July 9 to July 12 – will feature some of the best Counter-Strike gamers.

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Of note, I wanted to share a bit of news that recently hit my inbox: Game peripheral company ROCCAT has stepped up and is now one of the head sponsors – there is a prize pool of $75,000 available, so the competition should be enjoyable.

Here is what Markus Frey, head of marketing at ROCCAT noted:

”We are happy to be part of the first ESWC event in Canada. Live events like this have such a positive impact on the local eSports scene, while at the same time reaching a global audience via live stream and social media coverage. The ESWC shares our passion for competitive gaming, making them the perfect partner. Together we feel we can continue to grow the eSports scene both in Canada and around the globe.”

eSports is still emerging from its infancy, but it’s a great time to be involved in the professional gaming world. Millions of people watch live streams of competitions and video blogs.  The income generated for leading eSports gamers and teams can be quite large, with even more interest on the growing market.

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