Electric Vehicles Still Facing Hurdles to Reach Widespread Adoption

Interested in electric vehicles? Even if you’re not necessarily chomping at the bit to purchase one, there is growing exposure of renewable energy.

Last November, I wrote a story for TechAeris that explained so-called “range anxiety” related to the fledgling state of charging stations.

The top reasons for EV adoption, according to a UK Department for Transport: availability of chargers (45%), distance traveled on charge (39%), and cost (28%). In the future, market leaders – and consumers – will need to help sort out priorities – though expect battery charging time, battery cost, and charge range to top the priority list.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, drivers have to deal with expensive gas prices and longer commutes, and a wide variety of EVs can be spotted quite frequently. Additional tax incentives help lure potential buyers – but charging is still a definite concern.

California accounts for almost half of EV adoption in the United States, so charging stations can be spotted in corporate parking lots, mall parking lots, and other high trafficked locations.

Misc Shout Out: In a recent tweet, the World Economic Forum (@wef) highlighted yet another neat vehicle tech story: a solar-powered car that lets owners drive for free.

[Image courtesy of paulbr75 / pixabay]

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