Wireless Audio – Mavin’s Air-X Earbuds Offer up 10 Hours Playtime on Single Charge

Anyone with a smartphone has likely plugged earbuds or headphones into the device at one time or another. Well, the majority of smartphones that include a built-in headphone jack – but you may have also noticed another recent trend: more talk of dropping audio. Want to listen to music or watch a movie? You’ll need to connect an audio product through Bluetooth or some other wireless connectivity.

I recently stumbled across a press release, the Mavin introduced the Air-X earbuds: wireless earbuds offering 10 hours of wireless support per charge. In addition, a 10-minute quick charge powers play time for an hour. The Bluetooth 5.0-supported unit also has an effective 100-foot range:

”With today’s mobile lifestyle, consumers want a solution that’s high-performing, comfortable and compact for all-day use. That’s why we worked with Qualcomm’s next generation TrueWireless Stereo technology for reliable Bluetooth connection, long lasting battery and great sound.”

Anyone interested, the Indiegogo  has a special for $99 (44% off normal price of $179).

Admittedly, I’m interested in the newer generation of devices, especially for athletes, as most consumer earbuds support up to 8 hours on a single charge. Even though I still honestly prefer earbuds and headphones with a cord, the longevity of wireless products, at least in my control, tend to have more luck over time.

While considering new smartphones in the future, be sure to check if a headphone jack is included. Until they are fully phased out, it’s just something else to think about.

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