Check Point: Beware World Cup Cybersecurity Phishing Attempts

Cybercriminals often rely on trending current events to deliver clever phishing campaigns designed to compromise unsuspecting victims.

As international attention shifts to Russia for the FIFA World Cup, hackers are deploying the “DownloaderGuide,” a potentially unwanted program (PUP) attachment to emails. The phishing campaign was initially spotted on May 30, reaching its peak on June 5, though has resurfaced in recent days – due to the start of the World Cup in Russia.

Here is what Maya Horowitz, Threat Intelligence Group Manager at Check Point, said in a statement:

“Events that attract huge amounts of popular interest are seen by cybercriminals as a golden opportunity to launch new campaigns. With so much anticipation and hype around the World Cup, cybercriminals are banking on employees being less vigilant in opening unsolicited emails and attachments. As such, it is critical that organizations take steps to remind their employees of security best practices to help prevent these attacks being successful.”

To help keep better protected, here is what Check Point recommends:

Keep software update
Beware of fake websites
Beware of emails from unknown senders
Beware of public Wi-Fi hotspots

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