Industrial Internet of Things Creating Shift in Focus for Manufacturers

Potential value of adopting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the manufacturing sector yields numerous possible benefits – and a bit of growing pain in the early stages of the journey.

Adopting IIoT likely means the utilization of big data and other analytics mixed with machine learning/connected services. Ideally, productivity and live analytics translate to improved performance – and worker efficiency.

The addition of IIoT in manufacturing is pushing the market forward, with manufacturing leading in network connection growth ahead of energy/utilities, transportation/distribution, and smart cities.

In late 2017 analysts from LNS Research predicted what 2018 had in store for IIoT research:

Large industrials reinvent operational excellence
IIoT platform adoption gains critical mass in the industrial sector
Asset performance management (APM) becomes all about business
Digital twins in 2018 simulate possible futures

A well-developed strategy must be implemented for successful IIoT adoption in a manufacturing facility. The potential impact of IIoT adoption will shake up industry verticals as connected solutions evolve to become more enterprise-grade.

[Image courtesy of Pixabay / Life-Of-Pix]

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