5 Virtual Reality Implementations Besides Gaming and Entertainment

AlamedaTech briefly discussed virtual reality at a high level earlier this month, discussing the “disruptive and fun” technology.

It makes sense that video games and entertainment are the verticals in the spotlight, but there are other uses that will become prevalent in the coming months.

Here are 5 ways VR continues to disrupt the tech world:

Sports – BBC  – “World Cup: Virtual Reality takes you ‘inside’ the stadium”

Tourism – Tokyo Weekender  – “Take a virtual tour of Japan with this new 360-degree VR video”

Education – Forbes  – “Is virtual reality the future of field trips?”

Medical research – University of Maryland  – “People recall information better through virtual reality, says new UMD study”

Safety training – Canadian Occupational Safety – “Virtual reality shakes up safety training”

Mike’s Ramblings: I’d like to hop back to VR gaming for a moment. Of course it’ll take additional time for the VR game catalog to develop – but as we await traditional AAA games in VR, there certainly are options available now. Just browse the game stores, or use Google to help get some ideas.

[Image courtesy of Pexels / Tim Savage]

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