CES 2020 – Get Ready For the Stranger Things Pinball Machine

I’m a geek. That’s probably not a big surprise.

Sometimes, it’s just the random news tidbits that easily pique my interest.

While browsing the press release wires for intriguing news, when I stumbled across an announcement I figured would make a nice and quick blurb.

I have an affinity for pinball machines and arcade games, even though I didn’t get to enjoy arcades during their heyday in American culture. So I was quite excited to hear Stern Pinball is publicly unveiling its Stranger Things pinball machine during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020:

“CES is one of our favorite events and the perfect place to showcase our newest hit game, Stranger Things, and our affordable home pinball machine, the Star Wars Pin. Tech and pinball fans alike will get the chance to play all things pinball at the Stern booth.”

  • Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball

I’ll likely update this post – or publish a new one – with some pictures and additional information following CES.

CES tends to generate a chaotic news and social media presence in early January, so it’s real easy to be lost in the shuffle.

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