Evolving Times: Streaming Music Helping Boost Speaker, Wireless Assistant Interest

Connected products now find their way into our lives in one way or another. Streaming music plays an important role in the growth of Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod, and others, according to market research group AudienceNet.

Consumers have a growing number of ways to access streaming music, including everything from PCs and smartphones to in-car infotainment or connected smart device.

Americans listen to music on average 151 minutes per day, with broadcast radio (31%) still leading the way, though suffered a drop in market share because of streaming (27%), according to studies.

As noted by David Sidebottom, Futuresource Consulting Principal Analyst, in a recently published statement: ”Streaming subscriptions accounted for over half of all global spend on music last year, a segment which includes packaged music, pay-per-download singles and albums, and streaming music subscriptions.”

However, there are some inconveniences that big business still want to clamp down on. Much to the dismay of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), however, it seems that online music piracy is still alive and kicking.

Unlike the days of downloading MP3s and other audios via peer-to-peer file sharing services, stream ripping has become popular. Free apps and certain websites offer users the ability to download audio files from YouTube and other services.

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