Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics to be High Tech Showcase

High cost and lack of significant return on investment forces some countries to shy away from hosting the winter or summer Olympics. However, Japan looks forward to the 2020 Olympics Tokyo, as thousands of visitors descend on the tech crazy city during the summer.

Country officials and company executives intend to demonstrate a variety of different new technologies, as the world looks on.

Tokyo is a massive city with a well-developed infrastructure to hopefully better accommodate a sudden influx of thousands of visitors. The proud nation will do all it can to be a kind host to athletes and their families, in addition to supporters from other nations.

What Will We See?

Expect to see 8K HD technology, 5G wireless demonstrations, robots, autonomous tech, and more will be on full display – with the local and national governments teaming up with major corporations. Also teased: artificial meteor showers, superspeed maglev trains, biofuels, and alternative energy.

In early 2017, published “5 things to expect at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” – Technological innovations, exciting new events, athlete-focused games, sustainable solutions, and a “new Tokyo.” 

High Expectations

The 2020 Summer Olympic Games take place in Tokyo, and Japan looks to top the technology innovation shown off Pyeongchang, South Korea, during the recent Winter Olympics earlier this year.

The event is estimated to cost just shy of $12 billion USD, and officials already have tried to cut back on spending. Of course, that price tag will likely increase, as some Tokyo planners expressed concern related to delays and ballooning budget.

Even so, I believe this should be a fantastic long-term sales and marketing strategy for the Japanese government and major companies. Hopefully the price tag doesn’t exponentially increase in the next couple years.

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