Report: 1 in 4 Employees Use Same Password for All Accounts

Cybersecurity is a significant issue, as data breaches and identity theft cases pile up. Companies trying to secure data, however, face an additional hurdle – educating employees to properly follow cybersecurity guidelines.

It’s a unique double edged sword: companies need good employees to help make the business run, though the employees can be a glaring security hazard. Lackadaisical behavior from employees and refined phishing techniques by criminals could lead to disaster.

Proper employee training is necessary, with 25 percent of employees reusing a single password for all account logins. Compounding the problem, 23 percent of the OpenVPN survey “very frequently” click links in their email without bothering to verify the sender.

According to information shared by Private Tunnel:

“Cybersecurity breaches are a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ and organizations have to be ready to address hackers head on. But with businesses so focused on external threats, they often overlook the role their own employees play in exposing vulnerabilities from inside an organization.”

IT cybersecurity is no easy task. Security solutions must be comprehensive yet non-intrusive for end-users to interact with.

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