Nike Throws Support into Esports with League of Legends Pro League Deal

International expansion of esports has seen millions of new fans, with billions of dollars being pumped into the ultra competitive market. Clothing giant Nike has jumped into the esports, with Nike China and the Legends Pro League (LPL) announcing a new partnership to become the official provider of clothing and footwear for the league.

“E-sports is a digital sport, and the cooperation with Nike can further strengthen the value of e-sports…. the cooperation with Nike can bring more professional and professional to e-sports athletes. The scientific service is also enough to make e-sports, a digital sports project, more integrated into the public’s life in a more in-depth way.”

– Jin Yibo, the co-CEO of Tengjing Sports.

The decision by Nike to manufacture and distribute jersey and other gear to the 16 teams in the LPL isn’t what I find interesting – I like the idea of customized physical training programs designed based on collected scientific research. Traditional sports tend to love statistical analysis on just about anything they can track, so esports shouldn’t be different in that regard.

Making sure pro gamers spend some time away from the PC or consoles, and in the gym remains extremely important. Often, personal trainers are now responsible for helping athletes follow a more structured diet, workout, and make sure they are feeling healthy.

[ Image Courtesy of Nike ]

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