Lufthansa Testing In-Flight Virtual Reality Experience for Passengers

Enduring a long flight on an airplane can be a draining experience. To help pass the time, Lufthansa is testing out a new virtual reality experience – one that lets them enjoy 360-degree VR “excursions.”

For example, passengers were able to view the Prater Ferris Wheel in Vienna, as they flew over Austria. Lufthansa has just 30 minutes of VR content available, but expect more, as the company hopes its VR Moving Map will be a hit with customers.

Here is what said Paul Schön, passenger experience specialist at Lufthansa, noted in a statement:

”VR is a growing trend for destination experiences and we wanted to help inspire our passengers while they were in the sky. The Frankfurt to Dubai flight was a first-time test for our new VR prototype, which was designed to further enhance the passenger experience. I’m pleased to say this virtual exploration trip was very positively received by the participating passengers.”

VR hardware is developing rapidly, and I think this is a rather clever marketing technique. Lufthansa already makes it possible to listen to music, watch movies, and other in-flight entertainment – and while stuck on a long flight, it’s an ideal opportunity to enjoy VR. Not only does it help pass the time, but passengers are sitting down, so that safety issue is limited.

Don’t be surprised to see other airlines – and travel companies – develop similar offerings. Aside from gaming and entertainment, tourism is one of the verticals likely to reap the benefits of next-generation VR.

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