Introducing Safi: The Disinfecting Robot Cleaning Airport Terminals

The Detroit Metro Airport McNamara terminal is going to get a little bit cleaner, with the help of the Safi disinfecting robot from Pratt Miller Mobility (PMM).

Safi utilizes a 16-gallon tank capable of holding FDA-approved disinfectants, rocks a tight 3-4 foot turning radius, and uses a single or dual-battery configuration. Metrics from the robot are sent to a dashboard accessible to facility supervisors, reporting back how much disinfect was used – and on what surfaces.

The robot isn’t necessarily designed to replace human cleaning crews, rather it’s focused on augmenting work staffs. Safi’s autonomous electric and large electrostatic spray pattern makes it ideal for cleaning smaller spaces that humans might have more difficulty in reaching quickly.

As promoted by Jeff Holaly, Key Account Director of ISS, a global services provider for Delta Airlines, in a press statement: “Safi has been received very well both by the airlines and passengers. Everybody gets excited when they see Safi, and it brings confidence that they know they’re entering a clean facility.”

Initially tested at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Michigan, Safi is finding increased interest in keeping airport terminals as clean as possible. Expect to see Safi in New York’s LaGuardia Airport Delta terminals in the next few weeks.

PMM also has its sights on Safi working in locations other than airports: big-box retailers, stadiums, convention centers/trade shows, shopping centers, casinos, and other large areas.

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