Analyst: iPhone X Led Smartphone Sales During Q1 2018

Even though many consumers balked at the high price tag of the Apple iPhone X, the smartphone was still the best selling during Q1 2018, according to research from IHS Markit.

Speaking of the current quarter, here is what my tech friend Jean Baptiste had to say: “However, we expect the Galaxy S9 family to outsell the iPhone X in the current June quarter as Samsung continues its aggressive pricing strategy.”

Consumers interested in a more affordable iPhone upgrade will have to wait for Apple’s unveiling event in September.

Overall, the “demand for premium and high-end smartphones continued to suffer due to marginal incremental benefits during upgrades. Demand for entry-level smartphones and low mid-tier smartphones improved thanks to better-quality models,” according to Anshul Gupta, research director at Gartner, in a statement captured by ZDNet.

[Image courtesy of Trusted Reviews]

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